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Oil free compressors for centralized systems

MGF offers high power oil-free compressors: solutions till 4.050 l/min at 5 bar with 10 bar maximum pressure for centralized compression systems:

  • Power till 45 kW
  • Equipped with electronic control board
  • Ideal solutions for heavy duty cycles use
  • Silent operating
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Highest quality of the materials

The perfect solution for laboratories, clinics, hospitals, food industry and all those applications where high flow rate and clean air are required. MGF also provides complete solutions including air treatment according to each specific requirement, piping project and on site technical support for the installation.

500/150 PRIME S - 400V 50Hz

Code: PR-OF1800-500-T3

Oil-free compressor, intake air 2,160 l / min, air delivered at 5 bar 1,350 l / min, tank of 500 L.

AF3 - V Hz

Code: TA-AF-1500

1.500 l / min AF3 centralized air treatment system on frame

CENTRALAIR 6 - 400V 50/60Hz

Code: PR-OF3600-400

Dry compressor consisting of 6 PRIME 6 groups, flow rate 2700 l / min @ 5 bar, without tank and dryer.

AF6 - V Hz

Code: TA-AF-3000

Compressed air treatment module for CENTRALAIR systems

CENTRALAIR 9 - 400V 50/60Hz

Code: PR-OF5400-400

Oil free centralized compressor, equipped with 9 pumping units PRIME 6, FAD at 5 bar 4050 l/min, without air reveiver and air dryer.

AF9 - V Hz

Code: TA-AF-5000

Compressed air treatment module for CENTRALAIR systems