MGF offers a range of oil-free compressors for the beverage distribution and beverage production industry. Solutions starting from small portable compressors for semi-professional and professional use, medium-sized compressors for more complex systems such as for large pubs, restaurants, fast food restaurants and sport centers, large compressors for beer production systems. Contact us for more details and customized solutions.


MGF in collaboration with the KeyKeg team has defined a line of compressors dedicated to the distribution of beverages. The KeyKeg compressor replaces carbon dioxide: no storage space for cylinders! No management of voids! Oil-free compressed air guarantees a high quality standard. No maintenance required for the compressor! Minimum energy consumption! Easy positioning thanks to very small dimensions! Extremely silent operation for the best comfort in the working environment!

The new revolutionary KeyKeg© system is supported by MGF oil-free compressors for dispensing beverages.


Simultaneous use up to 2 bar keepers


Code: S-OF050

Mini oil-free compressor for drinks dispensing: air flow 7 l/min@3bar. Max pressure 8 bar

Simultaneous use till 4 bar keepers

MINI BEV EVO - 230V 50Hz

Code: S-OF040-003-S

Super silent oil-free compressor with tank and structure in stainless steel, dB 56 / 1m, maximum pressure 7 bar, with pressure regulator and automatic condensate drain. Ideal for up to 4-5 taps at the same time

BABY AT MONO - 230V 50Hz

Code: S-OF100-1.5-S

Super silent single cylinder dry compressor, dB 56 / 1m, maximum pressure 7 bar, with pressure regulator and automatic condensate drain. Ideal for up to 3 taps at the same time

AS 6/1M - 230V 50Hz

Code: S-OF040-006-KK

Oil-free compressor for dispensing drinks, flow rate 20 l/min at 3 bar. Version with automatic condensate drain. Ideal for up to 4 staplers at the same time

Simultaneous use of 6 staplers and more

BABY 6 AT - 230V 50Hz

Code: S-OF100-006-BA-S

Silent oil free compressor for drinks dispensing. FAD: 60 l/min@3 bar. Max pressure till 7 bar, with pressure regulator and automatic drain system.


Code: S-OF100-006-BA

Super silent compressor, two cylinders, dB58/1m, RPM 1400, max. pressure 7 bar.

MOBILE 25/5 GENESI S BEV - 230V 50Hz

Code: D-GE075-025-M-25

Oil free compressor, excellent portability thank to the high handle and air tyres. Very low noise level, inlet flow rate 130 lt/min, tank capacity 25 l.