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1977 - The foundation

MGF was founded in 1977 by its current director Gabriele Fiani as a company specialized in compressed air applications. In the early years it operated as a trading company in the sale and technical assistance service of rotary and piston industrial compressors. Parallel to the commercial activity MGF has started from the early years a small specialized production of silent piston compressors and silent professional compressors, the SIL-EOLs: these are the dawn of Silence Technology.

1986 - MGF Srl

MGF becomes a limited liability company, a statute that it still retains today.

1989 - The dental sector

MGF enters the dental market by participating for the first time in the Expodental in Milan. The quality of the soundproofing systems developed and the reliability of its dry compressors allow MGF to perform well on a demanding and technologically advanced market such as the dental one. The CS.MGF soundproofed range is born and begins to make itself known and appreciated on international markets, developing commercial relations throughout Europe, the Middle East and North African countries.

1997 - Exhibitors at the IDS in Cologne

Following the strong development of exports, which reached over 50% of turnover, MGF presents itself for the first time as an exhibitor at the Cologne International fair for the dental market, presenting novelties such as the Helpadent and the new 10 Hp dry compressor. (Compact CS 10/10 S).

1999 - The new MGF range of silenced screw compressors: the RCS.

With over 10 years of experience in the industrial compressor market and a considerable technical background related to the development of soundproofing systems, MGF creates the first package designed in-house: the result is a screw compressor whose silence is among the best on the market. the RCS range is born with the first engines from 4 to 15 KW.

2003 - Exhibitors at the Autopromotec in Bologna

With the expansion of the RCS range from 2 to 30 KW, a complete offer of professional lubricated and dry MGF compressors is exhibiting at the International Car Equipment Fair.

2004 - The Chinese adventure

Aware of the importance of the emerging Chinese market, MGF reaches important commercial agreements for the distribution of its products in China and exhibits in Beijing on the occasion of Sinodental, an international event for the dental sector.

2005 - MGF bets on innovation

Strengthened by almost twenty years of presence on the market, MGF launches a new season of projects aimed at renewing the product range. The new PRIME project is born, a dry compressor with innovative features. At the IDS in Cologne MGF presents the first prototype of the twin-cylinder boxer. Today MGF exports almost all over the world and is consolidating a commercial network that has its roots in all European, Middle Eastern, North and South American markets, with particular attention to the development of Asian markets.

2008 - The new headquarters in Abbiategrasso

MGF consolidates its structure and production reality by building the new plant with 3,000 square meters of production lines, warehouse and offices. The PRIME line and the GENESI line are at full production rate

2010 - Expansion of the PRIME range

The 3-cylinder version joins the single and twin-cylinder models already on the market

2012 - New participation in international fairs

MGF exhibits in Moscow and Singapore at the most important trade fairs in the sector

2013 - MGF FRANCE is born

With the aim of closely following the needs of transalpine customers, MGF FRANCE was born

2013 - Expansion of the PRIME range

The 6-cylinder version of the PRIME line makes its debut on the market, presented in Cologne at the IDS trade fair and in Hanover at the HANNOVER MESSE.

2014 - MGF is certified ISO 9001: 2008

With the aim of pursuing the continuous improvement of products, processes and customer services, MGF certifies the quality of its organization according to ISO quality standards.

2016 - MGF is certified ISO 13485: 2016

In response to the growing needs of the medical markets, MGF certifies its management system also in compliance with the production of medical devices

2016 - MGF and the world of Beverage

MGF starts the collaboration with KeyKeg, an important Dutch producer of kegs for beer and wine, exhibits in Brau and begins to start numerous collaborations in the sector. The MINI BEV line is launched.

2019 - The first CENTRALAIR

The expansion of products intended for the dental world leads to the birth of CENTRALAIR centralized systems: centralized compressed air for large clinics. hospitals and universities.

2019 - UL certification of medical devices

In anticipation of its entry into the United States, MGF achieves UL certification for the medical line

2020 - Centralized suction to complete dental implants

MGF completes and presents the first centralized suction systems for the dental sector, complete with automatic separation and intelligent control systems.

2021 - The introduction of IoT systems

MGF continues its evolution as a mechatronics company, the products are equipped with an intelligent electronic control system for predictive maintenance and performance monitoring.   

2022 - The new MGF portal

The increase in the product portfolio requires a reorganization of the MGF offer. The new portal simplifies navigation within the various product categories and offers new services such as online complaints management and wider document availability.