Maintenance Kits

MGF compressors are simple and require low maintenance. Periodic maintenance operations can be carried out using the MGF maintenance kits, ordinary maintenance operations can be carried out independently, extraordinary maintenance operations require the support of a specialized technician. Spare parts for MGF compressors are always available in stock and ready for delivery. Visit our YouTube channel or the individual product pages to consult the tutorial dedicated to the maintenance of your MGF product!


GENESI compressors maintenance kits

Extra ordinary maintenance kit for GENESI S and M versions

Code: MG-GC-011-K

Extraordinary Maintenance kit for GENESI models 0,55 and1,1 kW

GENESI S ordinary maintenance kit

Code: TA-FL-001-K

Maintenance kit for the annual maintenance of the GENESI compressors

PRIME compressors maintenance kits

PRIME S filter cartridges kit

Code: TA-FL-001-K-SCP

Ordinary maintenance kit for PURE AIR PRIME range 1-2-3 S

PRIME 6 S and TANDEM 2 + 2, 3 + 3 S filter cartridges kit

Code: TA-FL-0012-K-SCP

Replacement kit for ordinary maintenance 200/50 PRIME S, TANDEM 2+2 and TANDEM 3+3 versions

PRIME 3 + 3 + 3 S filter cartridges kit

Code: TA-FL-0011-K-SCP

Cartridge replacement kit for PURE AIR PRIME 3 + 3 + 3 S range

Silent lubricated compressors maintenance kits


Code: LU-OVG32-0,5

Synthetic oil for SIL-EOL

SIL-EOL 0,25 Hp

Code: TA-FL-012-K

Filter cartridge spare parts kitSIL-EOL 0,25 Hp

SIL-EOL 0,5 Hp

Code: VA-PV-002-kit

Valve plate complete with gasket for 0,5 Hp SIL-EOL