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CS Compack X silenced Screw 2020
The most compact and silent screw compressors available on the market. Power from 2,7 up to 3,5 kW, FAD at 10 bar from 240 up to 315 L/min at 100% of operating duty cycle, equipped with integrated membrane air dryer and 0.01 micron filtration system.
Silent oil-free compressors for KeyKeg and Beverage
The models dedicated to the KeyKeg solution, developed in cooperation with the KeyKeg team! New catalogue 2018!
X line PURE AIR oil-free compressors catalogue
The Catalogue X line Pure Air is the new line dedicated to heavy duty cycles applications, developed for continuous compressed air consumption.
MGF Catalogue/presentation of the HEPA and STERILE filters
Centralized dental air and surgical suction systems from 10 to 70 dental units, these solutions can also be connected in parallel for higher number of users demand.
Silent oil-free compressors AT line
Includes the new MGF oilless silent professional compressors production. High professional oil-free compressors, power available till 1,4 kW and silent level till 47 dB/1m!!
Dental aspiration catalog 2020
The new MGF catalog dedicated to dental aspiration: dry and semi-dry aspiration, amalgam separators, accessories and liquids for disinfection. A complete range at your service!
MGF Pure Air Catalogue 2021
The new MGF PURE AIR dental catalogue 2021! Includes the new membrane dryers, the new 6 cylinders PRIME, the complete ASPIR-COMP range and much more!
PURE AIR oil-free compressors 2019 catalogue - chinese version
The new MGF PURE AIR dental catalogue 2019! Includes the new membrane dryers, the new 6 cylinders PRIME, the complete ASPIR-COMP range and much more!
Silenced screw compressors - 2019
The new MGF innovative screw compressors range 2019 composed by compressors from 2,7 to 55 kW, portable versions, integrated versions equipped with compressor, air dryer and air receiver, versions equipped with inverter.
Silent professional compressors SIL-EOL
Includes all the MGF silent lubricated professional compressors production (SIL-EOL): high professional compressors till 2,2 kW and acoustic noise level till 40 dB/1m. The best, in matter of silence, available on the market!
Oilless professional compressors PRIME - GENESI
The latest MGF oilless professional compressors catalogue! Includes the new TOP AIR, GENESI and PRIME compressors. High quality oilless compressors, versions available from 0,55 kW to 16,5 kW