Mr. Gabriele Fiani - The President

1977 - Company foundation

MGF was born in 1977 founded by its actual administrator Mr. Gabriele Fiani.At the beginning the main business was the selling and the post sales service of industrial compressors: rotary screw and piston compressors. Together with the commercial business MGF started its silenced compressors production with professional compressors (SIL-EOL) and silenced piston compressors: that's the beginning of the so called "silence technology".

1986 - MGF S.r.l.

MGF reaches its actual Ltd. statute.

1989 - The dental market

MGF S.r.l. enter the dental market with its first participation at the Milan Expodental. The good quality level of the soundproofing systems developed in the years and compressors reliability enable MGF to start building a good reputation in this market characterized by a high technological requirement. The production of CS compressors, silenced oilless dental compressors, starts. MGF begins to establish business relationships across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

1997 - MGF is exhibitor at IDS in Koln

As a consequence of the development of exportations, that reached the 50% of the turnover, MGF is present for the first time at the IDS, the most popular European dental exhibition. In the occasion MGF presents the HELPADENT and the new 10 HP oilless compressor, the COMPACT 10/10 S.

1999 - The new silenced screw compressors range - the RCS line

With more then 10 years experience in the industrial compressors market, with an important know-how in the development of soundproofing systems, MGF assemble its first screw compressor package: the result is a leading silent compressor, it's the new RCS line available with motors from 4 up to 15 KW.

2003 - MGF is exhibitor at the AUTOPROMOTEC in Bologna

RCS range offer is enlarged from 2 up to 30 KW, with this line, professional silent compressors and oilless compressors MGF participates at one of the most important automotive equipment exhibitions.

2003 - The new SKY line

At the 2003 Expodental edition MGF presents the new oilless silenced line: the SKY line, technology and design are mixed for the first time.

2004 - The Chinese adventure

Understanding the growing importance of Far East markets MGF develops its distribution net in China and for the first time exhibits at the Sinodental in Beijing, the International Dental fair in China.

2005 - MGF innovation bet

With more than 20 year experience, MGF writes a new chapter of its history with a new strategical project that innovates its oil-free compressors production. The new PRIME project is born, a new oil-free compressor with innovatice characteristics. At the IDS fair in Koln, MGF shows the first prototype of oil-free boxer compressor.

2008 - The new MGF headquarter in Abbiategrasso

MGF moves to the new headquarter: 3.000 sqm for the new production, warehouse and offices. 

2010 - The PRIME line extension

The PRIME line now includes also the 3 cylinders version: one of the most silent oilless compressors available on the market in his size

2012 - New International Exhibitions

MGF takes part to the MOSCOW DENTAL SHOW and to the IDEM DENTAL SHOW in Singapur

2013 - The PRIME line extension

In occasion of the IDS Internation Dental Show in Koln (Germany) and of the International HANNOVERMESSE in Hannover (Germany), MGF presents the biggest PRIME model: the 6 cylinders PRIME.

2014 - MGF is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified

MGF certifies its production and management system to ensure to all the MGF customers the continous effort in manteining the highest quality standards.